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  • Oss Grappling Spats

    The Bad Boy Oss Grappling Spats are perfect for your next competition. The OSS Spats are perfect companion for BJJ, No-Gi, MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Wrestling and fitness activities.

  • X-Train Compression Spats

    The Bad Boy X-Train Compression Spats offer a breathable comprehensive support and natural range of motion when you workout.

    Built with a lightweight fabric, these Bad Boy Spats also feature mesh panels to perfectly manage body temperature in high-heat zones.

    The 4-way compressive fabric locks and holds your active muscles to reduce their vibration during high-intensity training. Less stressed, your muscles are able to deploy more power for a much longer period, without risking injury.

    Thanks to the targeted pressure on quads and calves, the Bad Boy X-Train Compression Tights helps to improve blood circulation, reducing your recovery time.

    Made with ergonomic seams, elastic waist and sweat-wicking fabric, the Bad Boy X-Train Tights ensure unparalleled comfort and help you to stay dry as you train.